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The Screensavers

These screensavers work on almost any version of Windows and are available for download as a self-installing executable (.exe) which should download and run when you click on it.

1 Waina Calligraphic a selection of fifteen wildlife portraits using Chinese Brushstroke techniques (1.25Mb). .exe .scr .zip
2 Waina Bird Portraits Waina is particularly known for her portraits of birds, combining anatomical detail with brush-stroke effects in the Chinese tradition. This collection shows fifteen bird portraits in a variety of styles (1.17Mb) .exe .scr .zip
3 Waina Scenes  mixed collection of twelve landscape images (1.1Mb) .exe .scr .zip
4 Waina SeaScenes a collection of twelve images of sea and shoreline life, with some beautifully restful images (1.1Mb). .exe .scr .zip
5 Waina Oils a collection of twelve original oil paintings on a variety of themes (1.19Mb). .exe .scr .zip
6 Waina Bumper collection a bumper collection of all the images from screensavers 1 to 4 above (larger download: 3.9Mb). .exe .scr .zip

If you have any trouble downloading the installation, you can try downloading as a separate .scr file or compressed .zip file by following the links above.
All you need to do to install an scr file is either:

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Desktop Wallpaper

Here are some pictures we think work particularly well as desktop wallpaper background for your computer:

Squid: a beautiful soft background picture which will stretch to whatever your screen size without undue distortion.
Lynx: a beautiful portrait of a pair of Lynx, just the right size for the screen.
Passing Shadow: not exactly screen shaped but it still looks good stretched to any screen size.

You can use any of the other pictures on this site for personal use, but these are the ones that work best on the screen.

To install as wallpaper, follow the links above to the gallery pages and save the picture of your choice:

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